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Three experts - A former Swiss hedge fund trader and investment banker, a Columbia University graduate and independent trader, and a trading coach—have joined forces with a mathematician quant and a hedge fund advisor to establish this unique trading community. We guide you on utilizing macroeconomics to perfect your technical analysis, identify high probability setups, and foster an unshakeable mindset. We’re offering the knowledge and tools to build a sustainable trading career.

Our global Trading Community.
We are a diverse group of traders with unique backgrounds and strategies. Our goal is to share knowledge, collaborate, and assist others in profiting, making a positive impact globally. This Discord isn't about get-rich-quick schemes; it's about long-term growth, data comprehension, and cultivating the correct trading mindset.
Psychological Insights
Enhance trading and risk management through expert psychological advice.
Trading Psychology
Master the mindset needed for successful trading.
Technical Analysis
Access professional technical analysis with options data and money flow support.
Pre-market Updates
Stay informed with timely market information.
Educational Webinars
Monthly sessions to boost your trading knowledge.
Community Support
Join a diverse and collaborative trading community.
Trade Reviews
Regular sharing and reviewing of trade ideas and strategies.

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Who is this for?
Aspiring traders who wish pursue a long-term career in trading
People who wish to develop their career in a professional trading environment
Performance oriented individuals
Those wanting to learn from a team of successful futures traders
People wishing to develop a trading process and routing in developing an edge trading framework
Who is this not for?
Those who think trading is easy and part-time endeavour
People looking for trade signals and static non-evolving strategies
Individuals not willing to commit long hours in developing a high performance routing and trading process
Individuals who do not have a growth mindset and humility regarding constant skill improvement
Those who get despondent by multiple psychological and performance setbacks
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What Our Members Are Saying

Swing trader with three years experience skew, institutional trading data, and chart analysis to screen individual stocks and forecast indices for trade timing and stock selection.


May 1, 2024
I’ve been an options trader for about 5 years, and TMAD is a great place for sharing ideas and insight, with members ranging from amateur to professional. AJ is awesome at calling options plays, and Lia is a TA expert, and of course, Alessio is on the terminal giving guidance on market data. It is very easy to make your money back for the membership if you follow their guidance.


Apr 19, 2024
The team is top notch. Been trading/investing for 10+ years and have never used a paid service before. I find it extremely helpful with filtering tradable info. The data from Alessio and trade ideas from Lia are fantastic. The trading from the Architect isn't really my style (a bit sporadic) but he's made some great trades. Since the group was formed, I've probably added +8-10% performance to my year.


Vincent Oliver
Apr 26, 2024
Great place to learn and grow ! love it here. Aj Lia and Alissio are genuine ppl with the best data and they are always delivering great trade ideas and edu.


Chad Selzler
Mar 28, 2024
I'm mostly a swing trader with a few setups I know and like (breakouts, gaps, parabolics) and it has taken me a lot of time, several years actually, to find out what works and what is nonsense or scam. In the beginning, I wanted to learn everything alone by myself and the learning curve is very steep in trading. It always helps to be part of a community of motivated and smart people who share their progress and trading in real time. I wish I knew this sooner, if I knew all I know now during the COVID 2020 rally, I would've probably be a billionaire now.


May 18, 2024
Words cannot fully describe how incredibly grateful I am for Lia , Alessio , and AJ. What stands out the most is how genuinely kind and patient they are navigating through the market chaos ! I'm am forever indebted to the amazing market analysis backed by real time data and exceptional technical analysis. What stands the most is the extremely valuable practice of trading psychology , risk management, and blocking unnecessary noise that can potentially hurt your account. Highly recommend joining !
Salah Elberawy
Apr 26, 2024
I am learning trading thanks to this channel, just tried some long term investments for a couple of years before joining. I had always been scared by options, but the data and insights provided in this channel really help! You can make decisions supported by indicators etc... This discord has everything: a community with which you can confront your ideas, data from Bloomberg, insights by experienced traders... plus they are adding education material. Definitely worth the investment!


Apr 26, 2024
I am a swing trader that usually trade the indices. Been trading for a little over 3 years small to learn the in and outs of the market. The best thing about TMAD is the time and hard work they put in on the data/charts they provide. The information they provide has helped me tremendously on profitability. They are building and helping the community to continue to be profitable in the long run which is amazing.


Jeff Wu
May 18, 2024
I am a trend/swing trader that scales with futures. I've been trading about 7 years but have had trouble with waiting and patience. Alessio and Lia are training me to be able to wait for data and TA to line up before risking money. Sure there are some moves where I miss or don't get everything but the hardest part of trading is psychology and waiting. Other discords encourage trading futures or options daily and while Lia has setups and great TA the information and analysis from Alessio helps add an extra edge that people don't see from internals of the market. Aj is there for people that like scalping options and is good for day traders. The three of them encourage risk management and something I truly respect. With a combination of TA, bloomberg data and analysis, risk management, weekly zoom calls, iv skew, vix data analysis, this team is well worth the price of admission.


Wei-ho li
Apr 26, 2024
Amateur trader wanting to become a professional. Mainly trading stocks and indexes. The essential value with TMAD is its data centric approach and the interpretation by the top experts. Compared to some of those platforms where you are overwhelmed with ton of information and data, TMAD has handpicked curated data and unique angles of interpretation to uncover market's real next moves. For seasoned traders, one can quickly find concise and sufficient information to form actions and be profitable. Be it ERs, Fed events, indexes, it's just been killing it in every way!


Mar 22, 2024


Is the TMAD community right for me?
Does TMAD send out trading alerts? Can you trade for me?
What is included in the TMAD Community membership?
Will I get rich quick with TMAD?
I only have 1000 or 2000 dollars in my bank account. Shall I start trading?